Barboza Space Center

Vision Statement

We want to offer our students an opportunity to learn about career paths in aeronautics and astronautics, through a NASA inspired tiger team program that includes a project-based STEAMD++ curriculum with group and individualized instruction.  

Mission Statement

Students will  attend afterschool, Saturday, and summer school programs to learn about career paths in aviation and space.  All training matirials will be provided to all students.  Students will benefit by receiving support through grants, scholarships, fellowships, internships, grants, and priviate tuition donations.  In addtion, students will study space mathematics, cybersecurity, design engineering, robotics, aviation support, and NASA simulated tiger team training for Earth, Moon and Mars simulated missions and projects. 

About the Director:

Bob Barboza is an educator, design engineer,  STEM Journalist and the founder of Super School  International Univesity and the Barboza Space Center for Science and Engineering Prototyping.   He is the founder of the Space Science Tiger Team Programs and is designing the first school on Mars. 

What is STEAMD++ ?

The term STEAMD++ was coined by Bob Barboza and the educators working at Super School University.  We were all involved in the rethinking of the American hgh school.  This was part of a 2021, STEM & STEAMD++ research project with the code name of  "The First School on Mars."

STEAMD++. (science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, design, computer languages, and World languages). Please credit Super School University First School on Mars Project.