Training Astronaut Tiger Teams on the Oceans of Earth

  • We train tiger teams of junior astronauts, scientists, engineers, and pilots.
  • We are involved in STEAMD++, project-based learning, and designing the "First School on Mars."
  • Our tiger teams are going out to sea for training, building submersible and land ready rover robots.
  • We are teaching cybersecurity and design engineering in 2021-2022.   Questions: Barboza Space Center School

Hanna Instruments: Backpack Lab for Marine Science

Our tiger team students will be conducting science experiments abound a sailing ship.  

Marine Science Backpack: $375.00

  • This kit is ready for shipping.

Tiger Teams on Special Assignments  (July- January, 2021)

Getting Robots Ready for California and Cabo Verde Waters

  • Tiger Teams on Special Assignment (Porpoise Robotics and Team Inspiration)
  • We are getting ready to conduct science experiments in the Pacific Ocean.
  • We are getting ready to work with Bridegewater State University in Massachusetts
  • The University of Cabo Verde is looking at our science and engineering tiger team propgram for the Atlantic Ocean.
  • We have included photos of the submersible robots that we are using for the. Mars and Europa Missions.
  • We are conducting STEAMD++ mission assignments.

Click On Blue Text: Our New Submersible Movie

Barboza Astronaut Tiger Team Science Lab Boxes for Soil, Water, and Mars Science Projects

  • Training junior astronauts
  • Keep an astronaut science journal
  • Conducting Science Experiments
  • Conducting Mars, Earth, and Moon research
  • Writing science research