Our  Fogo Active Volcano Part One

Our high school students in the Republic of Cabo Verde have a real volcano in their school district.  They are going to be our partner as we explore the volcanoes on Earth and Mars.   

Fogo Volcano Part Two

Students in the USA and Cabo Verde  are studying volcanoes on Fogo Island in the Republic of Cabo Verde.

We are studying volcanoes on Earth and Mars Part Three

We are looking for information about volcanoes on Mars.  Can you help us?  Suprschool@aol.com

Meet Cape Verdean Pilot Betty Hernandez

Betty Fernandez is a USA pilot for Sky West Airlines.  She is now working with Bob Barboza, CEO of the Barboza Space Center and Capt. Willie Daniels, President of Shades of Blue Aviation.  Betty was a featured presentor with Bob Barboza and will be teaching aviation with Capt. Willie Daniels .  Other presenters represented K-9 dogs, FBI, TSA community Build, and space and aviation. www.BarbozaSpaceCenter.com.