The DoBot Robot Training Program for Jr. Astronauts

  • Experiments for Mars Projects
  • 3D Printing science experment parts
  • Laser Engraving ID Numbers for Mars Projects
  • Picking and Placing Cargo
  • Science Experiments
  • Studying Robots for Mass Production
  • Robot Design, Building & Repair
  • Drawing Electrical Diagrams
  • Multiple robots working together
  • Tools for the Mars Learning Adventures
  • Tiger Team training tools

Students from Australia Visit with Bob Barboza

Welcome to the USC School of Engineering and the Bob Barboza Occupy Mars Learning Adventures robot workshops.  We introduced the Dobot robot working with other robots.

Dobot Robots working on Mars.

The Dobot robot allows our students to make parts for other robots.

Dobot Robots Used in Our Tiger Team Training and Mars Project Simulation Programs

  • Produce and audio and video podcast of your Dobot solution for Mars.
  • Demonstrate your Dobot Robot.
  • Produce a one page paper on your individual researdch project.