What is the future of electric cars and humanoid robots?

The student " Tiger Teams" and interns at the Barboza Space Center are working on designing and building better robots to help with driving cars and operating machines.   We are looking at most elecronic cars at this time.  The future looks very bright.  

Electric Vehicles & Robots on Earth and Mars: Barboza Space Center EV Course 2B

Design Engineering With 3D Printed Robots.

Our student "Tiger Teams On Special Assignment" are learning about robots helping  on Earth and Mars.

All Electric Robotic and Automomous Vehicles Design Career Paths

  • How do I get ready for a new career path the e-automotive industry
  •  Design engineering
  • Tiger Team on Special Assignment in the electric car industry
  • Learn how to create an electric car portfolio

Electric Vehicles Research for Earth and Mars







Curisity Mars Rover

Opportunity Mars Rover

Project-Based Learning

Our student simulate how our electric vehicles could help us when we conducting research on Mars.