The First Band on Mars

The First Band On Mars.

Comnposer  Bob Barboza has been working in the visual and performing arts and he has a special love for Mars.  He has written a special Mars Visual  Classical Jazz Opera for ten robots .   He has some new technology to make all of this possible.   I need ten schools to help with the 3D printing of ten robots, just like the one that is sitting in the chair below.  We have all of the plans for your 3D printers.   We want to build these robots in your schools.  Then we want to perform a special on-line  concert that will perform around the world and Mars,  including spoken word, music and space sound effects the  robotic will be the performers and musicians.  Yes, some humans will be included.   Please contact me at

The First Band on Mars

  • We are design engineers from Long Beach, California.
  • Our group is sponsored by the Barboza Space Center
  • We have received support from the Yamaha Music Corportation, Roland Music Corporation and RSSC members.
  • We performed at the Blind Learning Cenrer at the VA Hospital in Long Beach, California.
  • We are involved in STEAMD++  Education (science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, mathemathics, design, computer languages and world languages).
  • We are working with a wide range of 3D printers and we need the help of high school around the USA to print large propjects the robots that play musical instruments and conduct science experiments.
  • Don't hessitate to talk to us about these projects.  Bob Barboza (562) 221-1780  Cell or

Design Engineering.

Welcome to our distance learning program in our design engineering series.  Our topic today is shading.  Use your astronaut notebook to practive the designs.