Design Engineering: Martian Habitats

Martian Habitat Design Engineering Kit

First Mission to Mars

Desgin Engineering for Mars


Building Science & Engineering Centers


Our students are creating Martin habitats, science satellites, humanoid, rolling and industrial robots.  We can provide workshops and/or workshops at your school or one of our locations.   Contact:

Geometry Projects for Junior Astronaut Tiger Teams on Special Assignment

Using Dome Tents for Earth Mobile Science and Engineering Labs

  • Tiger Team Moble Science Labs.
  • Building the First School on Mars
  • Rethinking the American High School STEM and STEAMED ++ Programs
  • Space Mathematics Lab
  • STEAMD++ Distance Learning Programs

Mars Math for Junior Astronauts and Pilots

  • Space Mathematics
  • Mental Math for Pilots and Astronauts
  • Mahtematics for Robot Designers
  • Calculus for Mars
  • Graphic Organizers for Mars Mathematics
  • Calculus Graphic Organizers for Astronauts on Speical Assignment
  • Calculus Vocabulary for Junior Astronauts
  • Calculus at Super School University
  • Calculus Workshops for Fith Graders