What is the future of electric cars and humanoid robots?

The students " Tiger Teams" and interns at the Barboza Space Center are working on designing and building better robots to help with driving cars and operating machines.   We are looking at the Tesler elecronic cars at this time.  The future looks very bright.  For more inforamtion visit:



The Barboza Space Center's  Frist School on Mars Design Engineering Tiger Teams

Robots Driving Cars

The future looks brite for robots driving cares.  We are exloring  the 2017 Mercedes GLC.  We have one in our Long Beach lab.

For more inforamtion conact:


Design Engineering With 3D Printed Robots.

Our student "Tiger Teams" are designing robots for Earth and Mars Project-Based Learning.

All Electric and Robotic Fully Automomous Vehicles

  • Create a Powerpoint presenation about the Telsa fully automomous vehicle.
  • Research automomous vehicles
  • Build a table top automomous  vehicle and demonstrate it to our tiger team members?
  • Present a one page report of automomous vehicles.