Space Mathematics Tiger Teams for Aviation and Space Support Projects

The Barboza Space Center has just added  a new high schiool Tiger Team, and Terrance Byrant , director of the Urban Math Collaborative to the Barboza Space  Center's Space Mathematics Department.   Students from the Long Beach Unified School District are now being trained to become commerical astronuats, scientists, design engineers, and pilot and astronaut support Tiger Team members.   In this photo essay we are training a new Long Beach unified School District  high school Tiger Team to suppoprt other students that are parts of  the Ontario International Airport Space and Aviation Initiative.

Students Build A Computer from Scratch and the Use it On Mars.

How do we build a computer and then use it to support our avaition and Space support program?

How are students trainied to become commerical astronuats, scientists, pilots, and design engineers?

How do we train pilots at the Ontario International Airport to get pilot and drone licenses?

How do we use space mathematics to help with building a prototype of a  Mars community?

How do we work from a distance  with our Barboza Space Center Tiger Teams from around the World?

How are our space math Tiger Teams using geometery to build Martian habitats?

What sample space mathematics, aviation and space science problems are being solved by Barboza Space Center Tiger Teams?

Sample Problem, An Introduction to Space Radiation

Problem 1, Unit Conversion Exercises

Problem 2, Radiation Background and Lifestyles

Problem 3, A Perspective on Radiation Dosages

Problem 4, Having a Hot Time on Mars!

Problem 5, Calculating Total Radiation Dosages at Mars

Problem 6, Single Event Upsets in Aircraft Avionics

Problem 7, The Deadly Van Allen Belts

Problem 8, Systems of Equations in Space Science

Problem 9, Monster Functions in Space Science

Problem 10, Parametric Functions and Substitution

Problem 11, Radon Gas in the Basement

Problem 12, Some Puzzling Thoughts about Space Radiation

Problem 13, Moving Magnetic Filaments Near Sunspots

Problem 14, Correcting Bad Data Using Parity Bits

Problem 15, Data Corruption by High-Energy Particles

Problem 16, The Pressure of a Solar Storm

Problem 17, Geometry for Martian Habitats

Problem 18, Lunar Meteorite Impact Risk

Problem 19, Beyond the Blue Horizon

Problem 20, Measuring the Speed of a Solar Tsunami

Problem 21, Do Fast CMEs Produce Intense SPEs?

Problem 22, Atmospheric Shielding from Radiation Part I

Problem 23, Atmospheric Shielding from Radiation Part II

Problem 24, Atmospheric Shielding from Radiation Part III

Problem 25, Introduction to Radiation Shielding

Problem 26, Astronomy as a Career

Problem 27, Solar Storms; Odds, Fractions and Percentages …

Problem 28, A Study of Astronaut Radiation Dosages

Problem 29, Hinode Satellite Power

Problem 30, Hinode - A Close-up of a Sunspot

Problem 31, Compound Interest

Problem 32, Solar Flare Reconstruction

Problem 33, A Lunar Transit of the Sun from Space

Problem 34, The Hinode Satellite Views the Sun

Problem 35, The Sunspot Cycle - Endings and Beginnings

Problem 36, Super-fast Solar Flares

Problem 37, Mental Math for Pilots

Problem 38, Mental Math for Astronauts

Problem 39, Space Mathematics for Humanod Robots

Problem 40, Growing Food on Mars

Problem 41, Aviation Story Problems

Problem 42, Growing Food on the Moon

Problem 43, Temperature Conversions for Pilots & Astronauts

Problem 44, Temperature Lapse Rate Deviations

Problem  45, Pressure Altitude Issues for Pilots

Problem 46, Crosswind Components issues for Pilots

Problem 47, Headwind and Tailwind Componets for Pilots

Problem 48, Crosswinds Verses Drift Angle

Problem 49, Conversion Factors for Pilots (miles to knots)

Problem 50, Visibility to RVR Conversions for Pilots

Problem 51, Visibility to RVR Conversions

Problem 52, Fuel Planning for Pilots and Astronauts

Problem 53, Fuel Dumping for Pilots

Problem 54, Bank Angel for Standard Rate Turn (Ask our pilots.)

Problem 55, Calculating True Airspeed

Problem 56, Solving Time-Speed-Distance Problems

Problem 57, Calculating Enrote Descents

Problem 58, Calculating Our Mission to Mars (Astronaut Tiger Teams)

Problem 59, Calculating Food Production on Mars

Problem 60, Calculation Oxygen for Astronauts on Mars

Problem 61, Calculation Crop Production for Astronauts on Mars

Problem 62, Growing Plants on Mars

Problem 63, Growing Plants on Earth

Problem 64, Growing Plants on Jupiter's Moon  Europa

Problem 65, Using Space Mathematics in Your Robot Designs

Barboza Space Center RFP's.

We are seeking commerical "Tiger Teams" consisting of  astronuats, pilots, scientists, design engineers, and avation support teams to rspond to the following (RFP's) Barboza Space Center Requst for Proposals:   Contact: Bob Barboza at

Meet Our Space Mathematics Tiger Team.

Our team is helping to build a Mar's Community.  They will use their math, engineering and, science training to help with conducting our research and designing the reports necessary for the building our Mars Community Business Plan.  Our students are part of the Long Beach Unified School District Urban Math Collabrative.  Togetehr with the Barboza Space Center they are planning a Mars community for an advanced party of scientists, engineers and commercial astronauts.

Our students Barboza Space Center distance learning and in classroom programs help to construct story problems , Martian habitats, computers, science experiments, respond to  request for proposals, Power Point presentations,  STEAMD++ podcasts, and build electronic portfolios.

For more information contact:  Bob Barboza,

Using Space Mathematics and Science to Grow Food on Mars

Whats next?   We have plans to grow food on Mars and we are working with Pedro Pires High School in the Republic of Cabo Verde from a distance.  They have the best soil and we have the best seeds and robots dedicated to this mission.  Who would like to join "Mars Learning Adventure?"

1.  We want to experiment with seeds from around the world?

2. We have room for other chemists as advisors?

3. We can always use more science, engineering, and mathematics equipment.

4. We are looking for volunteer software designers and programmers.

5. Are you are farmer that can help to advise our high school students that live in the big cities?

Distance Learning for Mars Learning Adventures

We are traininbg our students for a Mars colonization project.  This is an example of training our students from a distance.  We want our Interns to use this as an example of how we want our training videos formatted.  For more information contact

Mars Math for High School Students

  • Math teachers and math lovers need for the new Mars Math Astronaut Tiger Team program?
  • We are building additional story problems in space mathematics.
  • We are searching for retired engineers and scientists that could help high school math students.
  • Explore creatrive ways to work with the Barboza Space Center from a distance.
  • We are finding the mathematics in our simulted Mars experiments to be very exciting.
  • Help America and Cabo Verde to get students excited about Mars Math.
  • Contact:

The Mars Math Program

The Barboza Space Center is training Jr. astronauts, engineers, scientists, and drone plitos to be NASA simulated student tiger teams on special assignment.  We are conducting science experiments for the Mars Learning Adventures Program.  We will be including Sphero Robots in our astronaut Space and Mars mathematics programs.  This is going a fun math experience.   How do I get involved?  Start by contacting us at